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Orchestrating Debt Freedom

Teamwork Is Key

Our office maintains a deep commitment to our clients, putting forth the right resources and teams to ensure your needs are met and your case receives a favorable outcome.Our team helped hundreds of clients with complex legal matters.

knowlegde And skill

As a leading provider of professional collections, we take pride in offering the best assistance for debt recovery. We are dedicated to serving the needs of our customers each and every day. 

“I've never had a better experience working with representatives. The amount of creativity and energy they put into settling my account was great. The work Channer LLC does is simply amazing."

- Linda K.

“Our income was to floor with with no improvements until Channer LLC created a better understanding. I don't think any other agency  could have created more perfect environment to grow in."

- Cory W.

A financial agency, Channer LLC, based in Buffalo, specializes in processing solutions that lead to increased exposure. Dealing directly with experienced and talented professionals, clients quickly recognize we work strategically . Our goal is to drive people to be more aware of the steps need to recover from debt.